I approached Anh to coach me on gaining more clarity about my career and a business that I want to start with. In our first session, she had me to see how much more I was all over the place with my life, and was surprised that I actually have to work on my relationships at home and at work too. With Anh’s coaching, in just one month, I managed to find answers within myself, reaffirmed my goals, dreams and beliefs, and I took those steps we worked out together in our sessions. Regardless of the small language barriers we had (her main language is Italian, while mine is English), we get along extremely well with each other – she made our coaching sessions extremely enjoyable and effective. Anh is very patience and gave me a genuine space to get heard, and this allowed me to fully uncover what I really want for my life – something that not many coaches were able to provide me in the past. She is also an extremely empowering Coach too! If you’re looking for someone to walk with you to seek clarity in your life, do approach her right now! Anh, thank you so much for the time we worked together. I am grateful to you.

Ruby C. – Executive, Singapore